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2017年6月18日 (日)

【Eng.】 Concert in Okinawa

2017 A mighty singing voice
Beyond the Himalayas
Echoes to a home
Where he can not return
Tibetan musician, Tenzin Choegyal
is finally coming to Okinawa
with Japanese Bansuri Player, Taro Terahara
the first concert in Okinawa, 2017

■tour schedule

◎11th July (NAHA)
【address】2-11-22 Matsuo,Naha-shi,Okinawa
【reservation】¥2500   【at door】¥3000
【open】18:00   【live start】20:00
(50 customers only)
【musicins】Tenzin Choegyal, Taro Terahara, Mariko, Sawai, Eyllie Yamamoto

◎12th July (ISHIGAKI)
【venue】Bar URUBE
【address】THOUSE 1F, 2425-10 Arakawa, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
【reservation】¥2000   【at door】¥2500
【open】19:00   【live start】20:00
(40 customers only)
【musicins】Tenzin Choegyal, Taro Terahara, Eyllie Yamamoto

◎14th July (IRIOMOTE)
【venue】OHARA junior high school
【address】29-2 Haiminaka, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
【reservation】¥1000   【at door】¥1500
【open】19:00   【live start】19:30
【musicins】Tenzin Choegyal, Taro Terahara, Osamu Ohama, Eyllie Yamamoto

◎15th July (GINOWAN)
【address】1-5-7 Akamichi, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa
【reservation】¥3000   【at door】¥3500
【open】18:00   【live start】20:00
(50 customers only)
【musicins】Tenzin Choegyal, Taro Terahara, Eyllie Yamamoto

■All show are free entrance for customers over 70 years old and under 15 years old.
※please contact here only for the reservation of OHARA junior high school in Iriomote.

■Musician's Profile
◎ Tenzin Choegyal (Voice, Dranyen, Limbu)
In 1997, Tenzin Choegyal  came to Australia with little more than a bag, his Dranyen and a voice full of passion for Tibet. His raw talent soon caught the attention of the directors of that country’s largest folk festival, Woodford Folk Festival where he still plays to packed audiences each year.  Over the years, Tenzin has created a successful international career as a musician, playing at such prestigious events as the WOMAD festivals as well as several Concerts for Tibet at Carnegie Hall, New York.
In addition to his much loved solo performances, Tenzin has been an avid collaborator with musicians from diverse cultures,traditions and genres.  From classical, contemporary to ancient traditional, Tenzin embraces opportunities to take his music to uncharted territory both in the studio and on stage.  Tenzin has six independent album releases, and his much anticipated new album will be launched at  Woodford Folk Festival (2014-15).
In 2009 Tenzin founded the annual Festival of Tibet which showcases Tibetan culture through music, film, art and discussion.  Tenzin was musical director for the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2011 and 2013 and has written and performed soundtracks for numerous TV shows, films and documentaries. Through his music and cultural activities such as the Brisbane Festival of Tibet, Himalayan Film Festival and Women with Wisdom concert series (Sydney Opera House, Federation Square) Tenzin has increased the profile of Tibetan culture and the struggle for self-determination amongst people throughout Australasia and beyond.

◎ Taro Terahara (Bansuri)
Taro Terahara is one of the leading musicians in the thriving and highly competitive Indian classical music scene in Japan.
In 1992 he became a student of the long-time disciple of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Mr. Hiroshi Nakagawa.
In 1996 he became a disciple of the late Pt. Nikhil Bannerjee’s acclaimed student, Sri Amit Roy in Japan. Sri Amit Roy guided and refined Mr. Terahara’s musical talents with dedication and passion, carefully instilling the deep and meaningful soul of the music of his lineage. Mr. Terahara’s combined inner resolve and innate musical talent made him a fast and intuitive learner, so much so that in 2005 Sri Amit Roy recommended he record his first solo CD “Air” in Kolkata to the accompaniment of the great tabla maestro, Pt. Anindo Chatterjee.
Taro Terahara as a student in the long line of Maihar gharana is a unique and deep individual whose music crosses boundaries and blends souls.

◎ Osamu Ohama (Voice, Sanshin)
Osamu Ohama is a teacher of Yaeyama classical folk music preservation society. he started to learn under Choyo Osoko.
the Champion of Tubarama singer competition in 1982
the Champion of Yaeyama classical folk singer competition
obtaining licence of a teacher of Yaeyama classical folk music preservation society.
The holder of Intangible Cultural Property by Okinawa prefecture in 2015
Osamu Ohama came back to his hometown, Iriomote-island and established Osamu Ohama institution and started his class in Iriomote since 2011.
nowadays he is endevering to teach for successor upbringing and performing with his disciples on many stages and charity concerts not only in Okinawa.

◎ Mariko Sawai (Voice, Ryukyu Flute, Sanshin)
Mariko Sawai is singer and a flute teacher of Ryukyu classical music of Afuso school. she graduated from the department of Ryukyu traditional performing arts, Okinawa University of the arts.
She is performing the Ryukyu classical dance, play, Kumi-odori as a singer with Sanshin. and also creating her original songs and playing on the stages. One of her original song [Akagi no inori] got the 1st prize in Campus Record web shopping in December, 2012. this song was played in the airpnaes of Japan Trance Ocean Air in March to April in 2014 and hit the listners feelings very much.
the Champion of Yaeyama classical music competition in the Sanshin category (2009)
the Champion of Ryukyu classical music competition in the Flute category (2013)
the Champion of Ryukyu classical music competition in the Sanshin category (2014)
Mariko Sawai official web site  http://sawaimariko.jp/
Mariko Sawai official blog  http://oomari34.at.webry.info/

◎ Eyllie Yamamoto
Eyllie Yamamoto was Born in Shimizu, Shizuoka prf. and grew up in Yokohama, and residing in Okinawa since 2013.
Her music started with playing classical piano and singing from a young age. She has been singing in various bands and have live performances and recordings.
She encountered Indian classic music in 2007 and started learning its vocal under Taro Terahara in Japan.Next year she went to India, and be accepted as a deciple by Ud.Jainul Abedin in Kolkata.
Eyllie also learns Japanese folk music, Minyo from Yoko Mikado.
Now she performs as a vocalist in Okinawan band [NANGOKU SALON].

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